Monday, August 8, 2011


Oh wow this one is a tough but easy one because like I have said before I am scared of my own shadow!!! I have many fears! Finding eight should be easy!!! Day 3 of the challenge list eight fears... here we go!!!

Eight fears:

1. Waterbugs!!!! I hate those things with a passion! I freeze at the sight of one. One time my mom accidentally brought one back from Puerto Rico in her suitcase. I saw it near her suitcase in my grandmothers house when we were packing I told her she looked but didn't see it. Once we got back to NY, she opened her suitcase and that thing just came flying out! I have literally spent the night locked up in my room if I see one in the living room. Even the mention of them gives me chills!

2. Driving. I am scared to drive. I just recently got my learner's permit. I always said I have never felt the need to learn to drive but it's more the fear that stops me. I just can't get myself to drive! Never been in an accident. Don't believe I have had a bad experience I am just scared shit to learn to drive!

3. The song the kids sing in "Nightmare on Elm Street" One, two Freddy's coming for you! OMG did I just freaking type that!!! I need a damn minute! I can't take it. Every time I hear it! It freaks me out!!!

4.Those clowns or circus performers that walk on stilts!!! I can't stand them! You can't see the stilts, they are so tall they looking down on with their face painted! They freak me out!

5. Roller coasters! I can't look at them, I can't get on them, they give me anxiety. I am so terrified of them that one time my husband and family tried to trick me in getting on one and when I saw the sign I broke down in tears and had to be escorted off the line!!!

6. Deers. Yes I am scared of deers. I once saw a "When Animals Attack" and it showed a deer attacking this man it got up on it's hind legs and attacked with it's front legs!!! The image is embedded in my brain. I don't think they cute, I don't think of Christmas when I see them. They freak me out!

7. Not being able to provide for my family. My father embedded in us a sense of responsibility when it came to family. He did what he had to, to provide for us. He made us appreciate a days work, and told us that providing for you family was key. He has always been there for us whenever we needed advice, as a friend and as a father.  I always worry about that, not only financially but emotionally and any other way. What if I could not be there when they needed me. I always fear that I am not giving enough. 

8. Taking chances. I over analyze everything. I hardly ever just do something to do something. I realize that this at times holds me back. I guess it's the fear of the unknown. I am not carefree. I have to plan everything. I need to know the outcome of ever situation. I just can't do things blindly.

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