Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My weekend with Irene

OK, I know I am a bit late with my Hurricane Irene post but it's not my fault, after the Hurricane Ava got sick so we were at the ER with her and yes people another ear infection, watch out for that on another post but for this would like to share with you some pics of my weekend with Irene!!!

 This window ledge is usually filled with pictures but I was worried about the winds that they were predicting so we took them off!!

I started collecting water just in case the power and water would go! I know I got a little carried away but hey you can never be too cautious!

Stocked up on all our favorite goodies just in case we were stuck at home for a while! Yes the art work is courtesy of Miss Layla!

 We all started out with great fun and laughs!!! But then we got a bit of cabin fever!!!!

 After about two and half days of being at home and mommy changing the channel to watch the news! Layla and Ava were done! I had to get creative!!! Its time for dress up!

Of course she wants to dress like her favorite person in the whole wide world her best friend Buzz Light Year!!! May I add that this weekend I think I watched Toy Story a record amount! I may call the Guinness Book of World Records! And of course my little Ava can't miss out on the fun!
 Now she didn't want to play dress-up she just wanted to make a mess so with the help of her older and wiser sister they threw all the stuff animals on the floor and Layla suggested the room is better this way because if Ava falls she falls on something soft! Can't argue with that logic! 

So that was my experience with Hurricane Irene through pictures!!! Special thanks to my Lil' ladies!!!


  1. You really can't argue with that logic. Looks like everyone had fun. Funfitchic.net

  2. Yep!!! I think we have a lawyer on our hands!!!