Monday, September 5, 2011

Mommy Spotlight Sponsors Edition

This blog has afforded me the priviledge to "meet" alot of amazing woman. I put meet in quotes because I haven't actually met any of these woman in person, but through the common experiences we share I feel like I known them forever! Barbara is one of those woman. Back when I started our little blog she was one of the first people to hit the follow button and she has been following me ever since! She also became my very first paying sponsor! Can you believe it she actually likes me that much! LOL I had a bit of a rough month last month and I didn't give her the recognition that she deserved so now she gets a whole blog dedicated to her, a free month of advertising space and a bigger ad! Thank you Barbara for all your support!!! So without any further hesitation here is our Mommy Spotlight Sponsor Edition: Barbara Ortega-Alicea

I Am a 38 yrs old Mom to three beautiful girls.. Adri(12 yr old), Annie& Abby(6 yrs old twins).. An happily married to my Best Friend "Edgar" for 16 wonderful years so far and counting. Believe it or not is a happily unemployed accountant since April 2011. I am pursuing my dream of starting my own event planning business specializing in "Day-of" event coordination. I am also taking the time to enjoy my family to the fullest this summer.

Modern Mom: Did you always know you wanted to have kids?
Barbara:Yes I did.. we just didn't rush to having them. I wanted to enjoy begin marry 1st and to go thru all that came with it.

MM:Describe your children in five words?
Barbara:I would describe my daughters as: Loud, Independent, Smart, Loving and Strong willed. (Like Edgar likes to say "Like their Mother.. " LOL and I say more "Like their Dad.." )

MM: What surprised you most about motherhood?
Barbara:How my view of the world has changed and how easily I will give up all that I have as long as my girls & hubby are with me.  How I just fall in love over and over again not only with hubby for begin a great Father and Husband but with my daughters every morning, When I hear "Good Morning Mami"
MM:How did you get into event planning?
Barbara:Event Planning has always been a hobby of mine. I love all the chaos and creativity that comes with it, but it was not until I was at my brother-in-law's wedding that I thought of doing this as a career(even if only part time).

MM: How do you juggle all the hats that you are wearing these days?
Barbara:Its not easy! I am able to juggle all this hats thanks to the support of my husband, Edgar, my sister "Princess" and my handy dandy (yes a reference to Blues planner!

MM: What is your favorite thing about motherhood?
Barbara:Not only all the hugs and kisses I get from my girls but watching them blossom into the smart beautiful woman I know they are.
MM:What is your least favorite?
Barbara:Feeling helpless when one on my girls gets sick.

MM:What is the one thing you hope your kids learn and take from you?
Barbara:Not only to respect others but to respect & love themselves most of all.

MM:How does it feel doing what you love to do?
Barbara:Making the choose to do something that I love has brought on a sense of freedom.

MM: Any advice for other mothers out there that are thinking of starting their own business or just following a dream?
Barbara:I say go for it. Know that it will not be easy, but you owe it to yourself to at least try.
YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO AT LEAST TRY! Now those are words to live by and it was not until I started reading this interview again that the words resounded with me! Thank you Barbara for inspiring me and I know you will inspire others! Please click on the Triple Berries Events button under the sponsors button to the right of the blog! You will get to learn more about this amazing mother and business woman!

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