Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Titi Lissa's Corner

Titi Lissa has a blog too, you can find her at FUN.FIT.CHIC. She discusses various topics related to fitness and overall health. She’s also a personal trainer and a certified Zumbatomic instructor (Zumbatomic is Zumba for children). 

I asked her to write about fitness for children. Check out what she had to say:

·      For starters, you need to set a good example. Ask yourself, am I a good role model for health? Children mimic the behavior of those around them. Avoid “talking” and start doing.

·      Go for a walk or bike ride and invite your children to come along. Step outside and play a game of catch on the weekends or even for 30 minutes after work.

·      Ask your child to join you when you take the dog for a walk.

·      Avoid saying things like, “I’m fat,” “I need to diet.” That’s self-defeating and you are projecting that hopelessness to your children.

·      Talk about exercise and physical activity in a positive light. Find something you enjoy and they will follow suit.

·      If your child likes to play video games, encourage playing games that require movement. The Wii and Xbox both have dance games and sport games that encourage them to jump around. Make it a family activity and everyone will reap the benefits.

·      Try to limit EVERYONE’s TV time. Television encourages nothing but inactivity. It may be difficult for working parents to turn it off because it does help release work stress when you gather around the television, but turning it off during dinner, and before bed will help your child get to bed earlier and in turn, have more energy for the good stuff.

·      As your child starts getting older, let them set the pace but continue encouraging. Some children love sports and dance classes but others rather stay home and read or write. A little creativity will get both you and your child on a bike ride to the library or maybe a stroll to Central Park to get some new inspiration.

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