Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple and Pumpkin Picking!!!


This weekend with my sister FUN.FIT.CHIC  and her boyfriend, we packed up my lil'ladies and continued our family tradition of going up north to pick us some apples and pumpkins!!!! I love doing this I have so much fun and the girls get a kick out of it!!! Last year instead of a farm I took Layla to Central Park for their free event and we were able to pick Pumpkins because Ava was still too small to go to the farm!! So you can imagine my excitement when this year came around and I was for sure that both girls would be able to enjoy the farm!!!

We decided to go to OUTHOUSE ORCHARDS it is located in North Salem NY and it's about forty minutes from the Bronx. We paid $25 for a large bag and a $1 deposit for an apple picker and we were off. You may think that $25 dollars is really expensive, but we split the bag between my household and my sister's and then I usually split my half with my sister in law so for $25 bucks three households get apples!!! Word of advice to all moms out there, pack very light when you are doing this and if you can leave the stroller in the car. It was quite a workout to have to push the stroller up and down the trails to the apple trees and to top it off Ava was so excited at seeing all the open space, the trees, the apples and the pumpkins that she didn't really care for being in the stroller! But in the end it worked out because we use the stroller to carry our apples at the end of our picking!

My sister and her boyfriend did most of the apple picking and let me tell you they are pros at it. Layla was a great helper putting the apples in the bag and Ava well she just wanted to run and throw herself onto the apples that were on the ground! After we picked apples we went to go get pumpkins and of course Layla wanted to get pumpkins for everyone. She just kept trying to pile them onto the stroller We settled on five pumpkins! One for her, one for her sister, one for dog Bosco (don't ask why Bosco needs a pumpkin he just does!!!) and the other two for my niece and nephew!

Outhouse Orchards has hayrides, a petting zoo, food vendors,face painters, music and bounce castles, but I suggest that if you are going to do any of these activities please get there very early! This time of year this place gets so crowded and it's really hard to maneuver with two kids and everything that comes along with that!

We had a great time! I love this time of year! I enjoying doing these outings with my little family. Now our next step is craving the pumpkins that we brought back from the farm!


  1. Oh wow! This sounds so cool - I'm going to have to check this place out :)

  2. It is really cool it gets crowded but I have enjoyed myself everytime I have gone and so have my girls!!! and hey thanks for following!