Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our first Parent/Teacher Meeting

I have achieved a parenting milestone!!! I am so proud I didn't breakdown and cry in the middle of it! (cause that is just crazy like who would really do that...ME!!!!) We had our first parent/teacher meeting!!!

This was a little different then the meetings I remember as a child, at our daughters pre-school they called it Parents Day and we as the parents were given a glimpse as to what our child does for the time they are there!. I thought I was going to go in and sit at a desk and discuss my child as she sat next to me... BOY WAS I WRONG!!! When we got to the class we found a classroom with no children, just the teacher and her assistant. We were told that the kids were taken to another class and that we were going to be the students for today. How exciting!!! (I know I am a cornball but I have waited for just these moments!!! LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT!!!) We were told the morning routine when our child comes in to class, they hang there jackets on there hanger: 

I was so excited to see her name on her little box!!! Then we were instructed to take our child's name badge like they do from the table and place it on the board, this is how they take attendance!!! I was so giddy when I asked the teacher "does she recognize her name?" and the teacher said yes!!! LOL I mean you try and teach at home and stuff but you never really know if its working or not! Then we were all told to get in a circle and the teacher ran down what they do in the half day that they are there! We were given a chance to make arts and crafts and draw pictures! Her dad drew her a Dinosaur that she can't stop talking about. 

We also got a chance to ask questions and I was ready for mines. I ask my daughter everyday how was school and she really doesn't answer me, she just says we ate and we danced! She never really goes into detail. So I figured this is the perfect opportunity to see how my child behaves when I am not around. So I went in! I couldn't believe what I was about to hear! My child loves to clean up!!! Can you believe it!!! Not my child... oh yes my child! She cleans up, and she helps others and wait for it...SHE SHARES!!! I looked at her father and we both were a bit surprised this is coming from the girl that got mad because her little sister wanted to eat from the same plate as her! I guess it is true when your kids are not around you they do act different! The teacher continues by saying that she is very sociable, and independent, and smart!!! (WELL I KNEW THAT!!! LOL) 

We ended the day with dancing in a circle(yes ten adults in a circle dancing LOL) and as I left the classroom, I felt very happy, very proud and a bit sad! Happy because my daugther genuinely liked school, proud because she was engaging others and learning in her school and sad because my little girl is growing up! She is independent ( I know she is only three but this three year old left me on the first day of school and didn't even say bye!) I am just glad that she likes school and seems by all accounts to be well adjusted.

I kind of like their verison of Parent/teacher meeting. I got a glimpse at a day at school with my daughter. I got to see the pictures she drew and the answers that she would give when the teacher asked about their weekends or what is their favorite thing to eat for breakfast. My daughter's comment:"I like cereal and my mommy puts milk in it" (OK maybe one tear did come out, but can you blame me!!!!)