Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning our ABC's

Before I had children, I had dreams of sitting at a table helping my child with his or her homework. This is what I always thought of when I thought of parenting always just saw myself helping with their education. I have vivid memories of my mom taking my sister and I to go get our libary cards or with her limited english trying to help us with our homework and when she didn't know the answer she would try and find us ways and resources to help us. Not sure if many of you remember but there use to be a dial-a-teacher hotline, my mom would call it and they would actually help us with our homework!

When I finally became a parent, I realized that teaching starts way before they get to school and way before they get to an age where they have to do homework. It is very important in my opinion that learning starts and always continues at home!

I, along with my husband have tried to make a conscience effort to try and make every moment a learning one. Personally its very hard to try and find time to sit with your child and read a book or learn the ABC's.  I know that after a long day at the office, and coming home to cook and bath kids the last thing I want to do is sit and read a Dr. Seuss book or sing nursery rhymes, on the otherhand these are great distractions from your stressful day and they in turn help give your child and extra push when it comes to his or her learning. 

Since my eldest daughter started pre-school this past September, I have allocated part of my evening routine to teaching her how to recognize and write her letters and numbers! I know its alot. But I was realizing that though she knows how to say her letters and numbers it's hard for her to recognize her letters and numbers so I thought if she learned to write them then maybe she can recognize them. So far so good!!! We got the letter A and number 1 down.... number 2 is a bit harder!!! LOL  Its been fun teaching her but I have learned a few things about myself and it can get a bit tricky so here are a few tips I want to pass on:
  • When it comes to young kids, don't make it a long process. I started off with like 15 minutes now we are up to 30 minutes.
  • Don't get frustrated. It's hard, believe me, I have! If you see yourself stressing out than cut the lesson short.
  • No tv!!! When reading to your child or doing school work the tv should be off even if you are the one watching.
  • Try to reward your child afterwards. I don't know how many parents will agree with me on this one, but I know with my child it works. So what I do is I tie in our evening snack with the lesson. I tell her she will get two cookies and milk after it is over this buys me some of her attention especially if she knows that cookies will be involved.
  • Last... try and make it fun. We are not all born teachers, I understand but try and make things up or find games online. Things that will capture your child's attention.

Here is a great website Kids Learning Station. You can download traceables of Letters, Numbers and basic learning concepts. I leave you with some of the things that we learned at the Fernandez home:
(sorry for some reason my pictures don't want align right in blogger)

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