Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abuelo and Abuela Christmas tree

I have been feeling a bit down these past few weeks! The holidays being right around the corner didn't really help matters, but then I got the news that my parents were flying in from Puerto Rico to spend the holidays in New York!!! Now I can get excited again! I miss them dearly and it really doesn't feel like Christmas to me if I don't smell my moms cooking and see my dad dance around to his favorite salsa songs!

My sister Fun.Fit.Chic  got the idea of getting them a Christmas tree and decorating it so that when the got to their house here it will be filled with "Christmas Spirit" and of course being the awesome aunt that she is, she wanted to make it a family event and have my girls help, well now that I think of it maybe she just wanted cheap labor!!! LOL Anyway we went to Abuela's house and Layla helped decorate the tree, Ava just wanted to blow out the lights!!! LOL I should always have my camera ready for these moments but I was not ready! I know bad mom! 

Abuelita's Xmas tree
I am so happy that they are coming. I am 32 years old (oh god I really typed that!) and I still need my parents to make me feel safe! Not sure if that is weird or not but it's been a rough few weeks for my family and having them here and being able to celebrate with them just puts everything in prospective! We are truely blessed and I am so grateful for our family and the moments that we have shared and will continue to share!

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