Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make Up routine

OK...OK... I have tried this before and I always give up! I am not really into make-up, I like to say it's cause I don't have the time or that I really don't like make-up or can you really add to perfection!(LOL) But I must admit the real reason I don't really wear make-up is I find it so overwhelming! I do!!!! I mean there are so many choices, and I am really not good with choices! To apply sometimes takes forever and I have no clue what anything is!!! I AM COMPLETELY CLUELESS WHEN IT COMES TO MAKE-UP!!!!

I know I am 32 years old and I still get confused between, bronzer, blush and foundation! You will never catch me at the MAC counter or any place else buying make-up all the options are just too much and I never know what to get to accomplish the look that I am going for! My make-up routine, if for argument sake, I had a make-up routine, would consist of some lip gloss, and if I wanted to get fancy...WAIT FOR IT.... WAIT FOR IT... SHIMMERING LIP GLOSS!LOL Yep sad but true, that is my make up routine!

See what I mean! First picture I got extra fancy and put some eyeshadow on and do you see the last picture that is my idea of shimmering lip gloss!!! So there is my sad truth, I have no idea what to do with make-up but I feel like I need to learn!!! I need to update my look! I need to start my day off a little better every morning and I feel like maybe if I took some extra time and maybe took the hair out the bun and let it down and just had a simple make up routine then maybe, just maybe I can get out this little slump I have been in for the past few weeks! Can't hurt right??? Well the jury is still out on that one, because even when I wear make-up I feel a little weird and I just don't think it looks good on me but hey I will give it a shot!.

I guess my friends also felt I needed a pick me up because two of them, separately gave me make-up for my birthday! (Not sure what they were trying to tell me!) They didn't overwhelm me. They both choose things that are pretty simple for me to use on a daily basis to give my face a fresh look in the mornings! I don't want to over do it! 

So today I tried it!!!
Now here is hoping that I know what everything is:
A: Eyeshadow kit. bottom two are base coats for the full lid and the top are what you should put on the top part of your lid (Yes!)

B: Powder Foundation
C: Blush
D: Brushes (though I have to admit third from the left have no clue what that is for) E: This powder evens you out but I forgot the name of it.
F: Mascara G: Poppin' Lip Gloss!!!!

Did I get it right!!! LOL Well anyway today I tried it on my own for the first time. I didn't take a picture because I have my hair in a bun again and well I just was late to work, but I got the thumbs up from my sister in law(by the way she is one of the friends who bought me the make-up) and my husband! Layla also approved telling me I looked pretty, which was followed by her demanding I put lip gloss on her! I am going to try my hardest to stick to this! I know that make-up doesn't solve problems, I know that the situation we are in and the reason I am stressed and sometimes out of it, we will be in for a little while longer! 

That's all my friends and family have been trying to tell me, that  sometimes just a little change can make the world of difference!! OK I get it I hear you now! And just so this is not such a little downer of a blog I want to share with you some pictures of when I really liked my make-up. Disclaimer: None of the make-up in any of these pictures was done by me! Most of it was done by professionals or great friends who know the difference between lip liner and eyeliner!!!


  1. The third brush from the left is to comb your eyebrows and fan out your eyelashes! :)

  2. You look beautiful either with or without. I'm not one for make up either I just throw on lipgloss in the mornings but some days I put in the effort.

  3. LOL - I love this!!

    I used to work at a cosmetics counters so I'm okay with the basics. I love make up but it's a chore to put on. But I need it - make up is a must. And concealer is my BFF

  4. Thanks I may have to call you autismwonderland to let me know how everything works!!! LOL I am really going to try and stick with it!!!

  5. Ha! I really enjoyed reading this *loved it* I will be reading your blogs more ☺

  6. Aww.. thanks cuz!! Glad you will continue to read the blog!!! LOL welcome to my world! ENJOY!

  7. I love it... I will introduce you next to tweezing your own Will save you lots of money. love you.

  8. thanks leslie!!! At mis I will touch it up and send you a pic!!! LOL

  9. What's so crazy is that I don't do make up either. It's lip gloss and Im done. So the make up world is lost on me too. Lol

  10. LOL at Danielle I looked at that picture and I am like it's poppin!!! have to use!!! LOL

  11. You are stunning with or without make-up ;)