Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stepping STones Museum for Children

 This weekend we finally rounded up the troops and headed for Stepping Stones Museum for Children  .
It's in Norwalk Ct, and only about 30 minutes from the Bronx. As children's museum go, I have to give this one an A+. It was so much fun! Everything is interactive and everything can be explored by your children.
They have alot for them to do and explore and it's very safe to let your kid just go at it! No one says "hey don't touch that" My daugthers loved the Energy Lab . It has water so prepare your children to get wet, thy provide those real stylish jackets that you see my little one wearing in the above picture but if your kids are anything like mine, then you going to have to roll up their sleeves. Now I have to say the exhibits in this area were a little to high for Miss Ava she really couldn't interact with them like her sister did but she still had fun and there was a stone wall that with water and a paint brush allowed the kids to draw on it so she made use of that!

Tot World was more of Ava's speed, it's an enclosed area where you can let your little tot loose and let him or her explore, they have alot of costumes if they are into dress up they have a slide and alot of things they can grab,touch and makes sounds with, they even have another closed off area so if your little one still hasn't mastered the art of walking they can roam free without you being worried that the bigger kids will push or step on them.

They had classrooms that provided arts and crafts. You were allowed to go in and with the help of their wonderful staff you would create something. On Sunday we all made bookmarks!  We were a pretty size group but everyone was very polite and helpful. They provide everything and have sinks and soap in the room so that everyone can clean up before moving on to another place. The kids enjoyed this time and it gave the parents a moment to sit and relax from running around through the museum.

All in all, we had a great time! It was really fun to watch the girls run around, enjoy themselves and learn something in the process! Layla is at that age that she is constantly asking questions and very curious, this place was perfect because they want you to ask "how does this work" and "why" someone or something is always there to answer every question they have!!