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I always wanted to do a guest blog series! I have guest blogged at one of my favorite blogs before but having some of my favorite bloggers guest on my blog has always been something I wanted to do but wasn't sure if anyone would go for it! So when I purposed it on Facebook and two of my favorite mommy bloggers said they would do it I was so excited! Please also stay tuned for their Mommy Spotlight interviews coming up soon! First up is a blogger that I truly love to follow she goes by the name: The Awesome mom

    The Awesome Mom's Adventures in Potty Training

When Modern Mom asked if anyone want to be a guest blogger and blog about humorous events about motherhood/parenthood I just had to say yes. Being a mother of three awesome kids (Becky, 10; Big Al, 5 and Little Al, 3.) I have had my fare share of funny moments. Most of these funny moments seem to be related to potty training. Over on my blog, The Awesome Mom, I find myself writing about our adventures in potty training a lot.  Little Al has become the star of these adventures over the last few months. I want to share with the Adventures of Modern Mom’s readers our last two adventures.

Everyday I have my hands full when it comes to a lot of things and potty training Little Al is almost always at the top of the list. Little Al has mastered a lot of the routine required for potty training. Sit, pull, push, flush, etc. Little Al has showed me that she really is paying attention. 

While Big Al was working on his homework I put Little Al in the tub. I figured two birds with one stone right? That also meant that I was going to jetting back and fourth from the bathroom to the kitchen many times to help Big Al with parts of his homework. This isn't that much of big deal because my apartment is super tiny so I can do the in between and Little Al is still safe in the tub.

During one of my trips to the kitchen table I smelled something....

I hear the lid of the toilet close....

I hear Little Al singing the potty dance song....

Oh no I thought to myself. I walked in the bathroom and I see Alyson with her finger spread apart mumbling. Of course....she had poop on her hands.

Why did she have poop on her hands you say? Well thanks for asking...Because I've watched WAY too much Law & Order I can take the clues that she left behind and figure out what had happened.

The course of events are as follows:
-Mommy walks away
-Little Al stands up and grabs tub playtime pile
-Stand and/or sits over and/or on pile
-Does the "cookie"
-Grabs the cookie
-Throws it into the toilet
-Does the potty dance
-Mommy walks back in and sees cookies on her hands

I cleaned her and everything else up.......

Potting training never stops to amaze me.

I am happy that she put the poop in the toilet. She knows where it goes. Now if only I can get her to sit and do it.
The adventures in potty training continues.....

Potty training Little Al is turning out to be the hardest out of the 3. I am very happy that she no longer reaches into her pull up and pulling out Cookies or decorating my TV. However, it has been very difficult to figuring out her schedule.  Her favorite pass time is pooping at Titi's house but she isn't there everyday anymore. What I have recently discovered she enjoys pooping when Daddy is the only one around. Of course Daddy is not happy one bit. As a result he has become proactive in the potty training adventure. He wants to poop potty train her because he is tired of cleaning poop. This is very understandable. Shhh... don't tell him you have to master number one before you can master number two..
He is trying to get her timing down but Little Al is not giving in. This adventure was not any different. While I was being Big Alex's homework refocus-er, Little Al smelled showed signs it was time to go. Daddy took her to the toilet potty and she was happy as can be. He watched over her so that she doesn't make it rain q-tips, another favorite pass time. I hear her start to sing. I also heard Daddy say stop moving. I shouted, "Do you know what she is singing?"
"She is singing Little Bunny Foo Foo."
I said "That is too funny."

I wasn't in the bathroom but I can't see him trying to get her to focus on number two and all she is worried about is singing Little Bunny Foo Foo. I love it!

Thank you again to The Awesome Mom for participating in our Guest blog series!!! 

Note to reader: For some reason the links in this post no matter what I tried some just are not working so here are the links to these posts on The Awesome Mom blog! Poop Happens... in the tub too and  Little Bunny Foo Foo


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