Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little things are a big deal #2

I know today is Wednesday and "Little things are a Big deal"  are for Mondays! But hey this mommy has been sick and dealing with a few things of my own, and so today something happened that merit this post!


My routine is basically the same everyday! I wake up between 5 and 5:30 ever  morning and I take my shower, make my coffee and enjoy about 20 to 30 minutes of quiet time while I watch the news, read a book off the kindle or blog! Once I begin to dress for the day I wake up the kiddies, this is when the routine gets a little crazy by then its about 6 or 615 in the morning, the first one I wake up is Layla I bring her out to the living room where her request is the same every morning: " I want regular hot milky" Once she drinks her "regular hot milky" I dress her and 99.9% of the time she asks if she can "sleep for a lil while"  It's early in the morning so I let her have her way and besides she is  completely dressed all that she needs is to have her hair combed and brush her teeth!

Now this is where I get into trouble! See my daugther, she is not a big fan of brushing her hair! No matter what I try she hates it, cries screams, even kicks! She is also not a fan of being woken up! I have tried getting her to the bathroom after I have dressed her, so that we can just do her hair and brush her teeth before she climbs back into bed but she throws a fit! I usually let her get back to bed because at 615 am I really can't have a crying 3 year old when I still have to finish getting ready myself, get Ava ready and walk the dog! But the problem lies that even when I let her go back to bed for a little while I still have to wake her up to get her to finish! I have to brush her teeth I have to comb her hair, we have to get ready to leave! Every morning like clock work 645-650 am a melt down occurs in my house!

She kicks, she screams, she drops to the ground! I start to scream,  threaten punishment if she doesnt' get to the bathroom! This every morning is very draining! I am not kidding! Who wants to start their day yelling at a 3 year old to get her little butt in the bathroom to comb her hair! Our fights over our morning routine have become such an issue that at times I have been late for work! If I try to brush her hair when I intentionally wake her up the same thing happens we fight for like 10 minutes to get her in the bathroom! Waking up everyone else up in my apartment! This has happened so many times that I have worked in my schedule so that to allow for the ten minutes I know I am gonna have to fight to get her in the bathroom! 
But today my friends today was a totally different day!!!!!
Dressed!, Hair Combed! Teeth Brushed! Ready for the day!
 Today started as most days do! I got up, showered made my cup of coffee, sat and watched a little bit of news and then thought of how I was going to tackle miss Layla! To my surprise when I went in to wake her up she got up without much fuss asked for her "regular hot milky" and then proceeded to the living room! As she drank her milk, she asked what would she be wearing today (you see i pick out their clothes on Sunday for the whole week) and when I showed it to her and dressed her I thought I give it a shot and say hey how about we brush your hair now and brush your teeth! At first a little resistance! She did a little whining sound and said she wanted to sleep! I replied OK! you can sleep after we use the bathroom! And do you know what you guys! She actually went sat on her stool let me brush her hair into a somewhat decent ponytail and we brushed her teeth! Yes there was alot of mommy the brush hurts and I hate this tooth paste! But she did it! Saved me some time, some energy and my damn Sanity!!!!

Now I am not sure I can repeat this tomorrow! But for today, her doing as she was told was a little thing that was a huge deal for me!!!!