Thursday, January 5, 2012

I made a snowman!

See the picture above!!! When I envisioned having kids, moments like this is what I imagined! I know I am corny but it's the truth! I really didn't imagine my kids small or their first steps!! Though I loved and cherished those moments but I always imagined what my kids would be like as they interacted with the outside world. How they would communicate with me. The way they interacted with their peers, especially in school! I envisioned myself doing homework with them, reading books and helping on projects!!! Hearing all about their day and what they did!!!!

Well usually when I ask Layla how was your day??? She answer with we played and we draw! That's it!, she never says much else! I continue how her teacher suggested by asking about the word of the day or what she did with her friends and mostly I get "oh mom it was fun... OK!" So yeah she shuts me up with that one and I just leave her alone! But yesterday, yesterday was not an ordinary day! I asked her my daily question expecting my daily answer when out of no where she springs up in her booster chair and says:


A snowman I ask? Which to she replies yes mom a snow man! We used glue mommy and I put eyes, a hat and some mittens on my snowman! She was so proud of herself, that she went on and on the whole ride home! I asked if the teacher put up her snowman on the bulletin board and she told me no because it needed to dry!!! Makes sense, I was ahead of myself! She looked at me like I should have known better! Sorry my bad I forget glue has to dry!!!

I was so happy when my husband posted this picture of her finished snowman for me to see! I guess before the kids got to class this morning the teachers put up their work! I can imagine her face as she saw her snowman!!! I just love moments like this! I can't wait till the end of the year when they give me this beautiful snowman to add to my collection!!

I remember when I first moved out of my mother's house she gave me a box and I didn't pay much attention to it, until one day I was cleaning out the closet and I found it, it had all my old report cards, and some of my school work and all this cool stuff that I never knew she kept! I asked her why she had given this to me and not kept it for herself and she told me that she saved it all those years so that one day I could see it and remember some old fun memories! I hope to do this with my girls! I hold on to just about everything they do! I am a pack rat! I write little notes for myself and I have a special box that holds special clothes or things that I need to remember to tell them as they get older!


Hey if you haven't noticed I am a bit dramatic when it comes to my girls!!! But who cares more for them to complain to their therapist when the time is right!!! LOL But seriously I do really cherish these moments! I love that she loves school and I hope she remains that way! I love that she loves to create things as much as I do and that her imagination and creativity exceeds my expectations! I know it may look just like a snowman to you guys but to me it's the greatest snowman I ever saw! Well... that is until Ava goes to school and creates her own snowman and then that one will be the greatest snowman!!! LOL  

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