Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Big Head!!!!

I, remember the day you were born just like it was yesterday! The grandmothers fighting about who should be in the room, you dad pacing back and forth trying to keep his cool and your mom as brave as she ever was, facing the unknown and making sure I told the doctors that no matter what your "tita" told the doctors she wanted that damn epidural!!! LOL Even with all the chaos that was going on around you as you tried to make your way into the world, you were born into so much love it's unexplainable and to all our surprises you were a boy!!! YES EJ!!! for 9 months we all thought you were a girl!! Your mom even had your name picked out Lauren Renee Sierra! 
 The joy in your father's eyes as the doctors and nurses had to tell him over and over again that you were in fact a boy!!! How your grandmother came running downstairs to the waiting area where we were all patiently waiting with tears in her eyes with the great news that you were here healthy and a BOY!!!!

 After our initial shock at the sudden change in your sex your uncle and I went up to see you!!! I remember your uncle was scared to hold you so he just went to your mother and caressed her hair and told her she had done a great job!!!
I held you in my arms and when I looked in your eyes the first words out my mouth were "damn he has a big head" LOL we all laughed because you did but you were such a beautiful baby (you still have a big head by the way) 

Today you are five years old and I can't be a more prouder auntie!!! I can't believe how lucky I have been to be there the very first hours of your life and to have been there every minute of these five years!!! Every moment of your existence as brought profound joy to my life!!!

Today I climbed in your bed and gave you a kiss wished you a very Happy Birthday!!! I asked you how old are  you?  You put your hand up and proclaimed "I am five titi" Yes you are little man! I love you with all my heart! There is not a day that goes by that I am not thrilled that you and your sister Olivia are in my life!!! With you two and Layla and Ava you complete my family!!! Though at times I wanna yell at the top of my lungs (and I have!!!) for you guys to stop fighting or for you guys to clean up or stop making so much noise!!! I can't see my life without you crazy kids!!! I hope that in these five years of your life I have been a good titi to you! I hope that you continue to grow and continue to be the awesome kid that you already are!!! 

Always remember Ej your home is filled with love!!!
Happy Birthday Ej!!! I love you with all my heart!!!!