Monday, January 30, 2012

Little things are a big deal Mondays!


 I haven't participated on Autismwonderland Little things are a big deal meme for like two weeks I think but this morning I woke up well and refreshed and I felt I needed to share! So here it goes!

So I really don't like Mondays! I by nature am not a a morning person! Though I do wake up earlier than anyone else in my household including my children, its because I have conditioned my body that way and if I can wake up early and just have my coffee and watch TV, blog or read that is all I want to do! I hate having to wake up to get myself ready and everyone else ready! I really hate picking out clothes and mind you have to do it for three people! These things are what can make or break my morning!

Yesterday was an easy day in our household. There was not that much housework to do because I had done most of it on Saturday, so for the most part it was just finishing up some laundry and the daily chores. The girls were bathed early, dinner was prepared and done early and homework was done with enthusiasm! 
Even Ava got in on the act!
Well maybe the enthusiasm part was an exaggeration it took all my patience to get her to write a decent number 2 but hey it got done! Now the reason this is a Little things are a big deal blog  is because all of this leads up to me having a great Monday morning!

Now as I eluded to earlier, I hate picking out clothes! There is nothing I hate more! Don't get me wrong I love shopping for clothes but early mornings standing in my closet trying to pick out an outfit is something that just makes me wanna scream! I have, and my poor husband has been witness to all of this and more as I fight with my closet! This struggle at times has made me even late for work! So once I had kids I realized I had to nip this in the butt or we would never get out the house! So I stole a trick from my wonderful sister in law. I pick out my clothes, and both my daughters clothes and iron them on Sunday!
This little simple thing helps me so much especially on Monday's when I just don't feel like ending my weekend and having to deal with work and everything else! I helps me begin my day and week so much more relaxed because everything is picked out everything is ironed, folded or hung up! There is no guessing or picking on what we gonna wear! If there is a sudden change in weather I got it covered!, because the basics are already out! I totally recommend this for any mommy or parent that needs to get themselves ready and their children ready in the morning! Its such an time saver and it's a life saver for me! Because instead of fighting with my whole closet I have 5 complete outfits to choose from. The less options the less stress! I need that early in the morning!

My Monday morning was smooth sailing! We were all dressed and out the door in record time and I actually like what I am wearing! So here's to putting an extra effort on Sunday's to make my Monday's a bit more bearable!

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