Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How we spent New years!

Layla and her Kazoo!! Oh what fun is it to hear her playing with that four days into the new year!!!!
Well I know it's January 4th a little late for a New Years post but who cares, who makes the rules on this blog....I DO!!!!

I didn't dress up this new years! Usually I go out and find an outfit! Someone in the family or a friend is having a party or we just dress up for fun it, because hell it's  New Years! Well this year the girls were under the weather and though I did have something in my closet I could have worn to make myself feel better! I was not really in the mood to celebrate! If it wasn't for the fact that my cousin and uncle were coming in from Connecticut and the little fact that my parents came from Puerto Rico to spend the holidays with us I would have stayed home in my pj's I mean the girls had colds and coughing like crazy! I was fine in my bed but hey what the hell!!!!

So I packed up the Wii and my new Just Dance game I got for Christmas (thanks Leslie) and off to my mothers house to spend time with my family! The husband didn't go like I said we haven't really been feeling this whole New Years thing! I let him slide cause hey if I really don't want to go can't hate on someone for wanting to stay home! I am glad I went! I had so much fun spending time with my sister and brother and my cousin! It was fun to let loose on the Just Dance!!! Oh god we worked up a sweat! 

After a fun filled night, it was back to reality! I was still feeling kind of down when I went back to work and opened up my yahoo and I saw an email from my sister with pictures of that night! Now I don't really know why I didn't see this email before! Its as if Yahoo had saved it for the day I was feeling really down to cheer me up! 
OK so maybe I over looked it but my explanation is so much more cooler!!! Don't you think?!?!!!

She took some cute pictures of us with my lil' ladies! I really needed that pick me up! And like I like sharing so much here are the very pretty pictures she took. (NOTE to reader: yes I have no make-up on!!!! I know I know but hey I really didn't feel like even getting up so the fact my clothes match and my kids are dressed is a big deal! LOL)

My Ava her new Baby and me!!! Yes I know no make up !!! I have failed you!

They say we have the same smile they say we are the same person I just don't see it!

With Our party hats!!!
 So there you have it! How I spent my New Years Eve! I didn't go to a "party" though I was invited by a good friend to one (Thanks Adria) I just was not in the mood! The girls are still dealing with this damn cold! But for a few moments on NYE and a few moments while I looked at the email I forgot about my troubles!!!! Hell others are worse off and what can I do just sulking in it!!! Doesn't make anything better!  So here is hoping that 2012 brings us a turn for the better!!! Whatever your situation or resolutions are I hope it all works out in the end!

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