Sunday, January 29, 2012

Please Touch Museum in Philly!

So I am a little late with this but hey... forgive me for that! Two weeks ago we took the long drive to Philadelphia to the Please Touch Museum. Now I have been to children's museums but this, this museum is the mecca of Children's museum. I recommend that if you can and are brave enough to take a two hour drive with your children go to this museum!

There is so much to see and so much space and everything.... and I mean EVERYTHING! is at your child's hands! Nothing is off limits! They can touch everything and anything! In the main lobby they had a live band that played children friendly music and kids are encouraged to get up and dance!

My daugthers loved the River Adventures Exhibit ! Of course they loved it, it included water and rubber duckies!!!! It basically supposed to show how water flows and things float and all that good stuff but it's just a fun excuse to get wet!!! And believe me they will, they provide these aprons so that they are 90% dry but they still get wet! But who cares once you start moving around you will dry up!

They also had a great time at The Rain Forest Exhibit There was alot of things for them to make sounds and play with instruments! There was one of those pianos like in the movie "Big" that the kids could run on and make music!!!

Now Layla loved the lower level City Capers this is like a miniature town with a supermarket, hospital, and a house! Layla even won a sticker from the supermarket lady for putting away all of her produce and groceries!!!! LOL well lets just say she had help from her mommy! (technically not cheating!)

It was a great day in Philly and at the museum. Next time we do go  I think we will make a weekend of it, the Philadelphia Zoo is not that far from the museum and I would love to visit that! And really it's a long drive to have to do twice in one day!

Pictures were taken in one of the activity rooms that they have! This particular day they had the paints out and paper and your kids can just go at it and be as creative as they wanted to!! Of course all paint is washable!

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