Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Looking at my blog list I see many of you have written a Valentine's day blog! I thought I would join in on the fun!

Well I am super big on traditions in my house and I love creating stuff if it's gingerbread houses at Christmas or painting eggs for Easter! I just really like creating memories with my girls just like my mom would do with us! Now for Valentines day I just thought we would do the regular greeting card but when Layla came home from school saying that she did a Valentine's day heart I got an idea! HOMEMADE VALENTINES DAY CARDS!  So much cuter and thoughtful in my book! Now lets not get crazy I ain't no Martha Stewart and I don't have time on my hands to make some crazy designs! I bought some construction paper, we have crayons at home and a glue stick oh yeah and an old Oriental trading catalog! So as best I could I cut out some hearts for them with the help of my husband we traced their little hands and I had her look for pictures of gifts she would like to "send" from the catalog and we cut them out glued them and BAM!!! you got homemade Valentine cards!!!!

Hey like I said I ain't no Martha Stewart! But I think they are cute! Hearing the reactions from those that got them was even more fun! So here is for another Fernandez tradition in the books! We had a great time making them as a family!

 No matter what the day is or what the occasion is make sure you tell those around you how much they are appreciated and loved! There is always a reason to spend time as a family it doesn't matter if it's Valentine's day or not!

On a side note here is a few words for my Valentine:
 That's my boo! LOL I love him, in our marriage we have had our ups and our downs! But through it all we stand by each other and I must admit we are a force when we together! (LOL that does sound corny) regardless HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!