Monday, February 6, 2012

When did I become My Mother!

I don't know about you guys out there but there were things that I saw my mother do that I swore I would never do! Big things but also little things! My mom always use to label our toys! Like with our names, with marker! Melissa and Zulay on everything I mean everything! Barbies, teddy bears, even our pillow cases! Now my sister loved this idea because lets face it she was more caring with her toys but I always felt it was not right! LOL (Maybe because I wasn't so nice with my toys!) Anyway so with my daughters I don't label there toys! Even though my mother still does! LOL I try to have them share or I just buy them different things for their different interest!

My mom also use to dress us alike! Little dresses and outfits! We were 90% of the time dressed alike. We were three years apart but we were dressed like identical twins. So I swore before I had children that I would never do that! Umm... ok so have you seen the picture above! I love dressing them alike! I LOVE IT! Now I don't do it all the time like my mother but I do, do it on special occasions!

It has finally happened I have become my mother! My daugthers are two years apart yet I dress them like they are the same person! LOL Is this wrong? I hope not because I just don't think I am going to stop!

I do see my mothering mirrors my mother's mothering in many ways! I mean I guess this is something that I can't avoid! I mean of course I am going to be somewhat like her, she is the first example I saw of being a mom! I have to admit she is a great mom! LOL!!!

OK, so this above picture was at the doctors office, a not so "special" occasion but hey they look so cute in their matching shirts! OK I have a problem I know... I know....

Do you dress your kids alike? Do you think it's creepy? Or do you think is normal? I don't even know why I am asking, no matter what I think I can't be stopped!!! IN THIS ASPECT I AM TOTALLY MY MOM!!! Whatever... they too young to protest what I put on them so I should take advantage while I can. I see Layla already slipping away, the other day she didn't like her sneakers because according to her didn't "go" with her outfit and made me change them to her sparkle sneakers that matched the sparkle on her shirt! Sooner than later they are going to want to dress themselves!!! I am going to enjoy this time! LOL

Abuela and her girls!

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