Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Lil' Big girl!!!

Last week we had a special day in the Fernandez Household!!! Our lil'lady turned four years old!!! How crazy is that! I look back in these four years and I really can't believe it!!! How fast time flies.

I remember when we first started talking about starting a family, to us it was a simple next step in our marriage. Boy were we wrong! As those around us got pregnant and we were still waiting, I started to wonder would this ever happen to us!!! After a few years and alot of emotional ups and downs it finally happened for us!!! We were blessed with Layla. And let me tell you if you read this blog you know she is a character!

She is so imaginative! She, with her father's help make up songs, stories, whatever it is, you name it! She is so fun and so funny! The things that come out of this kids mouth! And her confidence! I am so glad she got that from her father because in that department I sometimes am lacking! She is so sure of herself!

I always thought being a mother, a parent was something that came naturally. When Layla came along I realized it was way more than that!!! This thing called parenting is way harder than anyone ever can tell you! There is no set rule book in how to handle what this child and life will throw at you! Layla has brought to me a profound new understanding towards life and all that it encompasses. I am still learning. I still struggle to juggle our kids, our lives all that is in my universe. But I would not have it any other way.

On this birthday I looked at my daughter opening her presents and I realized that we also got a gift. Her presence, her just being born was such an amazing accomplishment. She makes me a better person! Even if we argue at 6 in the morning because she doesn't want to get up! I love her with all my heart!! She made me a mom! She is making me a better person. I hope I am all I can be for her!