Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I really don't know what has been wrong with me lately!!! I have had a bit of writers block and with me going to school on Saturdays the rest of the week nights are filled with me trying to study and prepare for Saturday's class! I have been so involved in other things I didn't even realize that this coming Saturday is my daughters birthday parties!!! By this time I would have everything ready! All decorations bought, all crafts done, the menu set!!! NOPE!!! NOTHING!!! and the surprising part is I am not really worried!!! Which kind of bothers me even more because I am usually more of the pay attention to detail kind of girl!

I guess this time around I am not stressing it as much! We are going to celebrate both girls birthdays together and Layla picked a superhero theme!!! Once I got my head wrapped around her theme I asked for help. I enlisted my talented friend to design the invites and asked my wonderful mother in law to make the kids special capes!!! Everything else is really low key! I am trying to stay on a budget and my time is really restricted so here are somethings that I have collected to make this small superhero party a giant success!!!

See this video I found it on youtube! (you can find everything on youtube) well this crafty lady found a way to make capes for very cheap and you know I look for a bargain because with 12 to 15 kids I was not going to go out and buy capes for each of them!!! That's just way too much money!! So my vision is I will cut the capes out ahead of time and we are going to decorate them at the party!

 I bought some masks and jewels to decorate them from Oriental Trading


So we got capes, we got masks and we got cupcakes!!! What else does a superhero need???? LOL I been really laid back on this party. Not because I don't care I just couldn't put my full focus planning force behind it this year but I think in the home stretch I will pull this off like I have pulled off all our little celebrations!!! Many people say they don't like to throw parties or the kids don't remember but I have to kind of disagree! My daughter loves them and if she asks for one day to hang with her friends and cousins I will provide that for her!!! I wonder what theme she will pick next year! 

I think next year we going somewhere! Let someone else do the planning!!!



  1. I think it's great that you are not stressing out. People will have fun whether you stress out or not so might as well take it easy.

    1. Thanks! Yeah at the end of the day everyone will have a good time!!!