Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Luna!!!

Look at that face!!! Good lord time flies by so fast!!! I mean my Ava is 2 years old today! I just can't believe it!!! Now I have to be completely honest, when I first found out I was expecting I was a bit shocked. Ava was a surprise, we didn't think we would try to have another kid till Layla was a bit older and then to find out they were going to have birthdays in the same month!!! Priceless! My Ava is my greatest surprise! She has completed my family anyone else who comes at this point is just an added bonus!!!

 She is so full of energy and so much more different than her sister. Where Layla is some what of a free spirit, Ava is so much more logical. You can see her thinking things out and trying her hardest to get whatever it is right on the first try!
 She is so funny!!! Look at that face!! Yes please don't judge me she is still on the pacifier and I really haven't started potty training yet!!!! I was so much more aggressive with Layla on trying to get her to do things earlier and faster! But with my Ava I guess like she is the baby I do baby her. She has had her share of medical problems with chronic ear infections, peanut allergy and eczema, I am a bit over protective of her! My husband tells me all the time to ease up but I can't help it she is my baby!!!!  There is just something about her... everyone says  it they can just see this kid is gonna be something!!! LOL I guess every parent says that about their children! So I am no exception!!!

 She came into our lives when we were not expecting it and she has made us a complete family unit! I hope that these past 2 years I have been the mommy and parent that she has needed! Hope to continue to have funny moments and enjoy our life as a family! Where Layla made me a mom Ava made me a better mom! Having to deal with two children under the age of 3 at the same time gave me a patience that I never knew I could muster! I learned to leave the not so important things behind and I realized that even I am not perfect! I am their mom I am her mom! Every day around 630 in the morning when she is done with her bottle and I pick her up to finish dressing her when she puts her little head on my shoulder and exhales, I know that even though I may not be perfect I am perfect for them! That's all that really matters!!!