Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Power Activate!!!!

To say that our Super Hero Party was a success, is an understatement!!! It was freaking awesome! We had so much fun and I mean we all had a blast, the adults got in on the fun!!! Now I have to warn you this blog is a picture heavy blog so please bear with me!!!

For those of you who been living under a rock this past Saturday was our Super Hero party for our girls!!! I had been a bit stressed about it because I had not really paid attention and time got the best of me but in the end we such a great time!!! The plan was simple decorate the house with superhero decor, do some crafts with the kids and munch on some cake!!! 
First up the decor: I searched the Internet high and low for ideas on superhero party themes and I found alot of ideas but some where just a little to much for me to pull off, you guys out in cyberspace
have great imaginations so with the help of my friends we printed out some stuff cut to size and decorated the walls the cupcakes and anything else we could find:
Super Strength Hawaiian Punch and Flying Soda

Just pick your super power

Thanks to Titi Leslie we had delicious cupcakes!!!

We cut out some foam boards and had the kids posing with them!!!

  I had found this great video on You Tube that showed us how to make capes out of a plastic table cloth so we made masks and capes for our little super heroes!!!!
Miss Birthday girl with her cap and Astro boy cut out

My lovely niece and her super hero mask!!!

It was a bit of mayhem in there but we got the job done!

We can't forget Super AVA!!!
 Now we all knew this was a four year old and two year old's birthday party but when you been planning and running around you have to release some energy some how so even some of the adults got in on the superhero fun!!!!
Titi Leslie and Tio Eric get in on the fun!!!!

Brotherly abuse!!!

Even Abuelo could not resist!!!!

Some of us were not ready!!!!

This was just way too much fun!!!!!

We could not help ourselves

No one was safe from my wrath!!! They don't call me Modern Mom for nothing!!!

This is way too much fun!!!
 This was way too much fun!!! In the end the kids were happy and we were happy!!! Now I did say at the end of this no more kids parties!!! I even told my friends if you hear me planning another birthday party slap me!!!! I guess I was just overwhelmed by the kids, the crafts and the fun!!! But to be honest I love all this stuff!!! And  homemade party is cheaper than going some place and having them run around for an hour. So we shall see when April comes around next year!!! I hope I made all our superheroes proud!

Oh wait we can't forget the best part of a birthday party and that is the cake:
Picture take by Danfredo Photography
 Now those faces are my weakness!!! I guess every great superhero has one and this Super mom has two!!!! They had such a great time!!! Till our next adventure!!!! So long!!!

All pictures are property of Adventures of Modern Mom

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