Friday, May 18, 2012

Date night!

Now the Hubby and I rarely get a night off without the kids. So when the cosmic forces align I always try to take full advantage of it! When we got tickets to Westchester Magazine Beer & Burger Bash I jumped on the chance, to enjoy two of my favorite things, my husband's company and well burgers!!!! The Beer bash was part of Westchester Magazine Wine and food Weekend it was the kick off event to the their weekend and we were able to enjoy so may great restaurants from all over Westchester County that we would not be able to visit. (Did I mention how rare a night out is for us!)

Here is a recap of our evening and what we thought of the food:

First off every booth we tried was great but two of them stood out for me and I believe my husband can agree to that first up:
 Rye Roadhouse  Can I just say O..M..G they had these ribs and mac and cheese to die for. The ribs were excellent fall off the bone goodness!!! I mean you can see from the picture to the left the husband approves!!! From the long line of people waiting for their ribs I must say that I think everyone approved of food. 

Now I don't have a picture of the next place because I was busy stuffing my face to really care about taking a picture and well their were way to many people for me to stop point and shoot. But I must say this by far was the best burger of the night! I ate a Lamb burger from Harvest on Hudson Now mind you I rarely like to try new things and I have in the past said that I don't like lamb but maybe it was the fact that I was out the house. The fact that I didn't have to push a stroller, the fact that I was having adult conversations and being called by my name and not by mommy that I threw caution to the wind and tried it out and let me tell you it was amazing. I loved it. I really wanted to go get some more, but we were moving to another booth! I am a little sad not to see that burger on their menu, maybe they just did it for the event. Either way if they can make a burger like that then they get two thumbs up from me!

All in all it was a great date night! We have to try and get out more! LOL Oh I can't forget the beer. I am not that big of a beer drinker and neither is the husband but like it was a Beer and burger bash we did have to try the beer. I believe Blue Moon was the sponsor of the event because they were every where and let me say for someone who really doesn't like beer, I thought it was really good!

So there you go, we went we ate and we conquered! Best part of the night is that we got time to spend together apart from the kids. I think that it is really important to try and find time for each other, to go out and enjoy each other company. It was fun!

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  1. Awesome read, i want to try that ribs place. I hear blue moon is good for people that dont like beer although i never tried it either lol.