Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Third times a Charm???

Well they say that third times a charm??? I am not quite sure about that!!! I am just about four months into this pregnancy and seriously speaking I am miserable!!!! So of course I take to my blog to rant! Sorry that my comeback to blogging is not all roses and beauty! I am tired, sick and really just done!!! LOL

This pregnancy was some what of a surprise but once I wrapped my head around the fact that I would be the mother of THREE CHILDREN, I was happy we all are!!! Of course my husband wants a boy! Whatever this one turns out to be I have already said this will be the last one! You would think, I have done this before, two times already, both pregnancies were fairly quiet, the problems I had were normal. But this one!!! This one is beating my ass! I must admit I really thought this one was going to be a breeze, Yeah sure OK not whats happening!

I still to this morning throw up every morning! Which is not really fun! I am extremely tired thanks to my wonderful daughters who keep me busy! I have been having issues with my blood pressure and last weekend I went to the hospital because I was bleeding! Now everything is OK and I am OK but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! Does that make any sense, reminds me of those old commericals talking about addicts! LOL

Not quite sure what was the point of this blog... LOL I just needed to get this off my chest! The other day I had a breakdown. Started crying to my husband on the phone, about me really trying to feel better but my body doing otherwise! Did we push it for trying to have another kid? How can I possibly think I can handle a full time job, school, a household, two kids under five and everything else that comes from being a wife, a mother and a woman! I know, I know these maybe the hormones talking and this maybe just me going through the emotional stage of pregnancy!

But I just want to be comfortable and able to do everything I need to do. I know I have to cut back. To my husband credit he is stepping up and helping some more which helps a lot. I guess I just want to be done with this stage! Hopefully the nauseous will subside. I have been getting my blood pressure under control. Though my patience sometimes wears thin, I am learning that now everything just takes a little bit more time, and that just has to be OK! 

I have my next doctors appointment tomorrow and next week I met again with the high risk doctor to make sure my blood pressure is under control enough to be taken off of high risk! I know a lot of what I am feeling is all in my head all these appointments and changes to my diet, and routine really makes me nervous and anxious! Once I start hearing good news hopefully I will start feeling more confident and the good news has been coming! Baby is doing good and I am progressing fine so hopefully this is just a stage and like everything else we will get through it just fine! That said I need a nap! LOL

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