Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mommy Spotlight!

I first met this mom about 20 years ago, Jesus I feel so old!!! LOL She is a cousin of one of my really good friends. Through my friendship with her cousin, I got to know Jasmine really well, and after we all got on Facebook, I was able to see this amazing young woman, graduate college, get married and start her family! I love social media! So here without further fanfare is my interview with Mrs. Jasmine Oliveras!!!

Modern Mom: Did you always know you wanted kids? 
Jasmine:At first growing up I wasn't so sure, but then the fear of possibly not having any kids scared me.

MM:Describe your daughter in five words? 
Jasmine:Beautiful, smart, lovable, funny & tough .

MM:What surprised you the most about motherhood? 

Jasmine:The amount of love I have for my daughter. I knew I loved her from the moment i found out i was pregnant, but at times it feels there aren't enough words to describe the amount of love I have for her.

MM:How is it being a Navy wife? 

Jasmine:It has it's ups & down. It's great living in new places & meeting new people. Its nice to be  recognized for my commitment to my spouse & I definitely like to take advantage of all the shopping discounts. It can also be hard moving away from family & friends. There is also the difficulty of seeking a new job every few years but I wouldn't change a thing.

MM:How did you handle the move to Japan when your husband became stationed there? 

Jasmine:My husband & I had discussed coming to Japan but when he got his orders it seemed unreal. There was that fear of the unknown & not only moving to a new place but living in another country. The move itself can be stressful, preparing all the paperwork & having your entire house hold packed up. Once we got settled into our new place things went smoothly. It still seems so surreal that we live in Japan & it is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

MM:What is one thing you would like your daughter to take away from you? 

Jasmine:One thing I would like my daughter to take away from me is my strength.

MM:How long have you been with your husband and how do you guys handle the separation when he is called away on duty? 

Jasmine:We have been together a total of 11 years this year & married 8 years. I honestly have to say that thanks to technology things like email, Skype among other things definitely helps to ease the time while he is away. It's the small things like getting a email with just a few words or a phone call that last a few minutes that make my day. Sometimes it is hard especially when he is gone for holidays & special occasions but we make sure to find time to celebrate them whether it be early or late. If you ask him how he handles it ,he will tell you at times he is so busy he almost doesn't have time to think about being away. Without a doubt he misses us & we come to his mind but working over 16 hours a day help to make his time pass.

MM:Would you ever want a "normal" life meaning not being a navy wife? 

Jasmine:I can honestly say although being a navy wife isn't always easy I wouldn't change a thing. It takes a special individual to do what some of us do & you have to have to be strong emotionally & mentally.

MM:What do you dislike about motherhood? 

Jasmine:I know it sounds cliche bit there is nothing I dislike about motherhood. I am loving every moment.

MM: Any advice for Army and Navy wives especially those that have children? 

Jasmine:I would definitely say having a great support system goes a long way. Here in Japan I have surrounded myself with other women who are in similar situations as myself with our husbands being deployed. There is some comfort in knowing someone who can relate to you & how you are feeling. Keeping yourself busy & constantly doing activities with the kids helps. I would also say its important to let your kids know why Daddy is gone & that even though he can't be home he misses & loves them.  Although my daughter is only 2 when she asks I always tell her Daddy is working when he is gone & always show her pics of her Dad.

The Holiday season is in full swing and for many Military families they will have to spend the holidays separated from their loved ones. They make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, I hope that this mommy story can help those of you out there that make the ultimate sacrifice and know that you are always in our hearts. Every time I think of families in the Armed Forces I always think of this song:


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