Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I vote!!!

Here is the thing... I am not going to tell you who I voted for or what party I vote for or who I think you should vote for... but I am going to tell you that you should vote! As an American Citizen you should vote! Every vote counts! Its as simple as that!

Why do I vote!! Its simple, two words, Ramon Lopez! My dad!!! My parents are Puerto Rican and they came to New York with my older brothers to get the "American Dream". For the most part he got it he is living out his dream and is retired and living between PR and here! While he lived here he always voted in ever election, local, and national! My parents always spoke about politics in our household and my father always made sure he was up on what was going on in our area. My father took each one of us when we turned 18 to vote. He stood there in line with us and explained how it was going to work and what we had to do. He always told us it was our duty to have our voices heard.

As we grew up and left our home, he does check in and calls to make sure we voted!!!  I called this morning to let him know I voted... he wasn't home he was at his local voting place casting his vote!!! That's my dad! 

Go out there and vote! It was not that long ago that many of us didn't have to right to vote! Whatever your political choices are go out and vote!

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