Monday, March 11, 2013

Update on Spawn #3

My view from my Fetal monitoring lounge chair!

So these are what my Mondays and Thursdays have been looking like for the past two weeks! That's when my doctor thought it would be best to start some twice a week fetal monitoring! See when I gave birth to my darling little angry bird Ava, after the delivery they were not able to get my blood pressure back down so I was put in a recovery room for a day and was not able to hold my newborn baby unless I had assistance and it was not a good first 24 hours for either of us! After that little episode with high blood pressure I was sent back to the doctors and my blood pressure was normal and stayed normal for a while until I got pregnant with Spawn #3. When I first started going to my appointments my blood pressure was either really high or normal so after three visits my doctor sent me to a high risk doctor, once I started going to her with no meds I was able to control my blood pressure and all seemed fine, I was discharged from the high risk doctor and continued along this pregnancy road. 

Until about my 32th week, that's when the blood pressure came  up again and when I went again to the high risk doctor, she started saying words like in danger of preeclampsia, and fetal monitoring, and 24 hour urine samples!!!! I was confused, depressed and straight up scared! So I took my marching orders like a good little patient and I started fetal monitoring twice a week! Basically they strap you to a fetal monitor for about 20 minutes to check the baby's movements and heart rate, they check your blood pressure and vitals and they check for swelling, then you go for a sonogram to make sure your fluid levels are good and the baby is looking good! 

So far so good! And today my lovely technician gave me an awesome on my blood pressure!!! 116/70 which she said was the best I have had since I started going! So everything looks great with Spawn #3 and I am starting to feel much better every single day. Less tired and more optimistic that this pregnancy and this delivery will be just fine! I swear people I have had two kids already and I have had nightmares about this delivery! With all that has been going on I just feel like I am not ready for him!

But today with the great encouragement of the staff at Albert Einstein Hospital I feel like I have turned a page in this pregnancy at 34 weeks and a day in, I can finally breath in deep and take it all in! I am happy that I am OK and especially that he is OK! At first I was upset and stressed out that I had to do this twice a week, but now I feel relieved that everything is going all as planned and we can expect his arrival soon!


I just feel like I haven't been able to take it all in! With all the doctors appointments, all the worrying and all the time doing other things, I haven't really stopped and enjoyed the fact that he will be here soon! So I am letting myself enjoy the fact that a bit of good news like "Awesome blood pressure reading" is sometimes Great news and I am going to relax and if I have to keep going to fetal monitoring till the day he is born then, that's what I have to do! We got this over here!!!! And besides I get a great snack for being a good little patient:

Graham crackers Yummy!!!!


  1. I am SO excited for you!! Glad everything is going well, high blood pressure is serious business! Only a few short weeks and you will have him in your arms! aww!

    1. Thanks! I know I can't believe it myself its gone way too fast!

  2. Take care of yourself & holy cow - it's almost here!

    1. I know almost!!!! My first daughter came at 37 weeks and the other at about 39 so he can come any day now if I am on track with my other bellies!! Hopefully he will stay in a while longer I can enjoy my upcoming shower and my daughters 5th birthday!!!!