Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sorry Been A Bit Busy...

I want to start off with my deepest apologies for taking so long to write (yeah I can picture you out their refreshing your feed to see if i posted something... just admit it... NOT!!!) Anyway I just been a little bit busy adjusting to life as a mother of THREE!!! Can you believe it cause I sure as hell can't!!! Two weeks in I wake up to a crying, wet, hungry baby and I turn to my  husband and say "How did I get here!, This can't be my life!!!"

No matter how many kids you have, I am for sure you have had those moments!!! Your running on no sleep, you can't remember what day it is day, you seen every infomercial there is and to top it off you can't remember when was the last time you had a proper shower!!! That was me about three weeks in!!! Its crazy, I actually thought that this time around would be easier because I had been on this ride two times before! I mean I should know when the next big drop is coming right!! UMM wrong!!!

Let's just say boys are completely different than girls and being 33 years old you would think I would know this by now but one gets reminded of this when their son gives them a urine baptism at 3 in the morning!!! What range they have with those things!!! LOL Girls just usually wet themselves up, boys want you to join in the fun!!!

All jokes aside, it was a bit rough getting use to, and being able to maintain some kind of routine with all three kids, when they all are on different levels. It's hard to explain to Layla and Ava that I can't jump to attention every time they want something because I have Dylan in my arms. I was so grateful that I had my mom here with me to help me maintain some kind of sanity, (even though we have different ways and approaches to things) her presence did allow me to give Dylan a lot of undivided attention.

Now being back at work, we have had to adjust again! We all now leave the house early in the morning and we all don't get back till after six, but we are a team everyone seems to be adjusting well, Dylan loves his babysitter so that gives me some comfort while I am at work. I guess I will always be wondering am I doing enough, is this the best I can do for them. I mean isn't that what parents are, I mean even if you don't have children, as  people we always are trying to be better do better. So I know I still got a lot of bumps down this rode but WE DOING THE DAMN THING! 

The biggest lesson I have learned so far since I had my son, is that no two kids are alike. Just because I had done this before doesn't mean I was any more ready! Every new child brings his or her thing to the table and I had to try and just forget that I had done this before and try looking at it from a new perspective, because not only was I starting out fresh with Dylan but I had to balance that with taking care of my girls and making sure they didn't feel pushed aside. We are getting there...

There are so many new changes going on in my life and our family's life and so much I want to share with you guys!!! So stay tuned!!! We are off to a whole new adventure, bring on the anxiety!!!! LOL 

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  1. Well, he is just the loveliest little guy ever. You are doing a wonderful job. So happy for you, so proud, and in awe because I know it is not easy.