Monday, September 23, 2013


Well its been a while, we have been adjusting to our new lives and so far so good! As we have been adjusting there have been some great milestone in our household! Both my little ladies are in school! Its crazy when did they become big girls, when did this happen!!! That was my thought when Layla got ready for her first day of Kindergarten! I mean she is so big already and so smart and caring and all those good things and it scared me to death that she was off to a big elementary school with all these other kids! As a parent or at least for me all I want is to keep them safe with me and as we dropped her off in the car port! I couldn't wait to hear all about her day in her new big school. She was so excited and that eased my mind that she was where she was mean to be.

Now Ava, was another story... She cried so much about going to school that one day she threw up all over herself and I had to bring her back. She starts to cry even before we get in the car and some days she cries all day! Finally we told her she could bring her toy Skully (the parrot from "Jake & the Neverland Pirates) with her so that she can show him how cool school is and guess what she finally had a day without tears!!! And I had a day at work relaxed with my mind at ease. I tears at your heart when your child is unhappy but at the same time I can't just take her out of her preschool. She has to learn that this is something that everyone goes through. I hope she has more days like today and I hope that she starts to enjoy this time apart from us and with kids her own age!

Then there is Spawn 3!!! OMG you guys I am so in love with him its not even funny! I was so heart broken when I finally started working and had to leave him home! From all three of my lovely children he is the one that I have spent the most time with! I still spend most of my day wondering what he is doing! I know I am a bit dramatic but its the truth!!! He will be six months in about a week or so and he is just a happy, funny baby!!! 

2 out of 3 kids are in school and out the house for most of the week. Its crazy I mean I know they are supposed to grow up and you are supposed to be happy when they reach each milestone no matter how big or small, but some where deep inside me just wants to keep them small and by my side at all times. I know that's not possible or even logical but it's what this mom thinks about from time to time.

Here is to many more first for my family and hopefully I am up for the ride and not a ball of nerves!! Though the nerves are what makes it all the more fun!!!