Sunday, December 17, 2017

My love of reading!

My birthday was recently and my lovely coworker/friends decorated my cube with my favorite things that best described me. They made me a collage of my family from pictures on my social media, and they fitted my cube with tons of book worms beards and six packs ( disclaimer I am not a drinker the six packs are the HR appropriate way of saying I like some rock hard abs!!! LOL)

Anyone that knows me knows that these things are what truly make me happy. (OK so maybe admiring men's bodies for their beards and muscles makes me a little pervvy but I am married not blind people) I love the little family that my husband and I have created, so much so that there are more stories about them on my social media then me. It's the reason why I started this blog. Because though I so desperately wanted to be a mother when I found myself in this role I found myself kind of drowning in all these knew feelings and situations and trying to find a balance was just too much sometimes. This is a reoccurring theme in this blog well because this is real life and it isn't always perfect. The reason why I bring this up now again is that once I had my children, my life didn't really become mine anymore it was about them. I had to find ways to get a little pieces of me back, I began this blog because writing has always been my outlet and I rediscovered my love for reading. I have always loved to read, though as I grew up life got in the way and I always found excuses to sit still and just be. Once I had my children and I found difficulty getting out of my head, I discovered that my old love of reading was fastly becoming a new love and it was helping me center myself, and clear my mind. Many ask me how I can find the time to read with three children, well its simple, I find the time, it helps that I have a long commute on a bus everyday and I tune people out by reading, but just like everything else people love to do, you just simply find the time to do it, I just simply find the time.

Its crazy because when I went through my most recent depression, which I am still dealing with, I couldn't find time to wash my hair but my kindle was always by my side. Reading was my escape from my own thoughts. Escaping to other worlds, other lives got me through a lot. It got me out of my own head. When my mind would go to a dark place I would reread one of my favorite books and it really snapped me out of my mood. I have always said rereading a book, a favorite, is like having a conversation with an old friend and sometimes you can find a new perspective on a situation. Reading has really been my salvation (not to be dramatic)but picking up a new book and escaping from reality for an hour or so while I read, really helped me clear my head of all the nonsense that was clouding it and forced me to sit still with myself. I recommend anyone who is going through something to grab a cup of coffee or tea your favorite blanket find a spot on your sofa and just read a book, I will guarantee even if it's a heart breaking story you will feel so much better. At least for me there is nothing better to get me out of my funk.

Now I use to be a traditionalist, and I still do love real actual physical books, I love the smell of them I love libraries, I love book stores, I can knock out hours looking through the shelves, but I have become an ebook addict and my kindle is with me everywhere I go. To me its the more affordable way to feed my book addition and through ebooks I have discovered so many indie authors that can't be found in the local book stores. Below I will recommend some books that I have read recently that I just truly loved and maybe just maybe I will make this a feature here on the blog.

So here are the books I read recently that I love:

El Santo by M. Robinson
The link above will get you to amazon where you can order this book it is 3.99 but if you have kindle unlimited it is free. I love Monica Robinson, we call her the queen of Angst and she upholds that title. Her books are filled with angst and she has the greatest ability to make you fall in love with the bad guy. Believe me they all have redeemable qualities so you won't feel so bad when you fall in love with these unlikely heroes. Most of her books are interconnected with the characters but you don't have to read them in any particular order but it does help. Also she has one of the best reading groups on Facebook called VIP. These ladies are amazing there is no drama in this group, they do Xmas gift exchange, the help families at Christmas and back to school time, they have annual retreats with Monica Robinson and everyone has a great time!!!

Behind the Bars by Brittany C. Cherry
OMG!!!! you guys this book is my recent 5 star read!!!!! It is amazing now on Amazon for 2.99 but also on kindle unlimited. This story of overcoming your own demons, and facing your truth is so utterly amazing that I sat down and started again as soon as I finished it. This author is becoming a favorite of mines, if you get a chance also check out her Elements series every book is fire!!!!

The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

This book cost 5.95 on Amazon for Kindle but it is also on Kindle unlimited. My good friend recommended this book a while ago, but I just recently read it. I am a big fan of Amy Harmon. She has the ability to create these whole new worlds and fantasy that is incredible. Though the Law of Moses is set in this world, the element of something from outside our existence sets this book apart from many that I have read, this is not your typical boy meets girl romance book, you have to treed lightly with this book, and it will rip your heart out, but I guarantee you are gonna love every single word you read, and in the end, you will appreciate everything you went through...

These are just the most recent books that have captured my attention and not let it go... each of them are completely different but they are each great books. These authors are amazing and I recommend any of their books. So go forth and read, read these, read whatever you like, and I hope that reading does to you what it does for me. Reading, comforted me, helped me, and centered me especially at times when my mind just would not let me rid myself of thoughts and emotions that I could not grasp, reading has truly been a life line for me.


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