Friday, December 30, 2011


Well the year is almost over! It's been a crazy year but hey I guess it has been for many people! I see alot of my fellow bloggers are putting there top five or top ten blog posts up and I figured hey why not! I was going to list the top viewed blogs according to stats but I rather pick my favorite blog posts of this year and the ones I feel you guys also enjoyed!!! I hope you agree with me!!!


10.  Rules of Engagement    I really am not an expert at relationships, but being with my husband for 17 years sometimes you have to be refreshed as to how to discuss things without really hurting the other persons feelings! I saw many of you related to what I was trying to say in this post!! Thanks!

9. Titi Lissa's Corner I love that my sister contributes her point of view as an aunt to my two little girls on my blog!!! I especially love this blog entry because it's her day with my Layla as she takes her to the movies! Titi Lissa got a little peak at what my life is like! LOL By the way that's Titi Lissa  and she has a great blog!!!
 8. And They called it Puppy Love! 
 Who doesn't love a good love story!!! LOL I think ours is pretty good!!! We may have our ups and downs but he is truly my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

7. I Can't Believe Mommy Forgot her Socks!
Hey we have all been there! We forget one thing or another, it happens! But I remember that day like it was yesterday, how my mother called me to tell me how my father was so embarrassed because everyone was looking at him because Ava had no socks on! How he quickly threw me under the bus and stated that her mom had forgot! How the women looked at my Ava in sadness! OK so I exaggerate but come on!!! I forgot! 

6.Boca Chica Bitches
This mommy was in desperate need of a vacation! So much, that days leading up to our vacation, my friends and I had a countdown on Facebook! My husband and I were so excited to get away by ourselves! We really needed to reconnect and just recharge! It was great to just be me and not mommy for a few days! My girls were never far from my mind! My huge phone bill can testify to that but it was great to just hang with friends and be me!

5. Three's a Crowd
Yes I have made the ultimate parenting mistake and now I am still paying for it! There are still nights when she sleeps in our bed forcing my husband to sleep on the couch! I move her to her bed all the time and yet she still manages to climb in to bed with us! The one that suffers the most is Ava because poor child... I won't even let her nap on our bed!

4.Our First Parent/Teacher Conference
I remember when Layla was first born, I looked into the future and wonder how she would be in school!(Yes I actually did that) I couldn't wait to see her teacher and here how my daugther was at school! I was very surprised to hear that she cleans up and is very good at sharing! LOL those that know Layla know that cleaning up is an issue in my house and sharing well she does share but on her terms! LOL

3. Guest Blogging!
My very first guest blog over at DanfredoRivera I had the honor of guest blogging while Danielle got married! I was asked to write about our journey of becoming parents and I have to admit I really do love this blog!!! Thanks Danielle for letting me take over your blog for a day!

2.Make-up Routine
LOL I had fun with this post and I saw that many of you enjoyed it! I never really take myself that seriously! So I know that I need help when it comes to make-up! Update: I have kept up some kind of make-up routine! If anything I never leave my house without putting on lip gloss! It will really take some time for me to get use to this whole make up thing!!!

Now without any further ado the number 1 blog post of 2011 is:
So there you have it my top 10 blogs of 2011!!! I hope you guys enjoy! If you are new to our lil' blog I hope this list gives you a feel for what we are all about here! Remember comments are always welcomed and for the most part I try to respond! If you are already familiar with our blog thank you for all your support!!! 
Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!!!


  1. idk if i can pick my favorite but I love the "Ava did it" story and the Ava socks!"

  2. I love the Ava did it!! As you can see!!! Thanks for reading and thank you for all your support!!